I remember one day in the 7th grade that my friend Lydia and I made plans for a new school project. I don’t remember now what the project was, but I do remember her outlandish suggestion.

“Let’s make scones,” she said.

I, in all my ignorant 7th grade glory, said, “What’s a scone?”

She explained that it was like an English muffin, but I didn’t really know what those were either. Well, to make a long story short, Lydia made the scones, and they were so hard that we used them to nail unsuspecting passersby in the head in the cafeteria.

I never even thought about a scone after that, and I’ve been permanently afraid of baking anything that even looks or seems like it could be related to scones. Well, I think Nicky at delicious days might have changed that. I came across her recipe – and stunning photographs – for a dried-fruit scone, and it seems so straightforward that I’m tempted to try it.

Here it is, folks. Let me know if you try it. And I’ll tell you if I try it first.


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