Priyanka’s Kitchen, Installment 1 – Chhole

So obviously there are things I don’t know how to cook. And other people do. Also, I’m not cooking ALL the time. So I’m always on the lookout for new recipes from my friends and acquaintances. My friend Priyanka appears to have a few up her sleeve, so I asked if she’d be willing to share. And luckily for you, my loyal reader, she’s been kind enough to share her recipe for Chhole, an Indian curry made from chickpeas.
It’s actually quite the staple in North Indian kitchens, but I’ve never ventured so far as to make it. So let’s hear it for Chef Priyanka!

as written by Priyanka

-garlic (a few cloves)
-one large onion (I prefer red)
-chillies to taste
-one large tomato or three small ones
-white chickpeas/garbanzo beans (you can either use the canned ones in the states or
the kind you need to soak overnight)
… if you need to soak overnight, soak in warm water with a tiny bit of salt
-lemon juice, coriander leaves (also called cilantro), channa masala (if you have it), garam masala,
chili powder, salt

chop all vegetable ingredients (fine chop garlic).
heat a tiny bit of oil in a medium size pot.
saute garlic first until light brown.
add chopped onion and saute til browned.
add chole, and keep lid on for faster cooking.
stir often and add some water and salt.
add chopped chillies.
add garam masala, chili powder and channa masala to taste.
keep stirring and let simmer.
taste one chick pea to test if it has cooked.
after the chole has cooked for some time, add tomatoes and add lemon juice to taste.
as a finishing touch, add coriander as garnish
serve with chapati, naan or puri!  🙂

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